NWE Paints Ltd 1 Ltr ESP (easy surface preparation)
1 Ltr ESP (easy surface preparation)
ESP is a special blend of Alkyd acrylics and surfactants that prepare and prime the surface all in one, negating the need for the dusty, dirty and laborious job of sanding. By leaving a thin film on the surface, ESP provides a firm bond for the paint to stick to – quickly and easily. Easy on the hands and virtually odourless, it is a clean, effective and easy way to prepare any non-porous surface for painting, thereby saving on time and labour
Where to use ESP
ESP may be used on any non-porous surface whether interior or exterior, where it is difficult, time consuming or not possible to abrade the surface i.e. ceramics, glass, baked enamels, paint, varnish, lacquers, plastic, melamine, radiators and many other non-porous surfaces.
Finish: N/A
Freeze Thaw: N/A
Shelf Life: 2 years
VOC: Does not exceed 29gms/ltr (0.29%)
Flash Point: >100°C
Temperature Application: 5oC – 35oC
18m2 per litre
Drying Time
2 hours. ESP is dry, when surface looks dull or if running side of little finger lightly over the prepared surface it feels rough – not slick
Good ventilation and air movement will aid the drying of ESP
Application Method
Lint free cloth
ESP is compatible with any paint where clean up is specified as white spirit or water
Do not overcoat ESP with products containing “hot solvents” i.e. 2 pack epoxy, 2 pack polyurethane, cellulose, xylene and urethane coatings
ESP provides a surface that paints will stick to; it will not improve the inherent strength of the paint applied. Emulsion/Acrylic paints are manufactured for porous surfaces where they dry into the surface. When applied to a non-porous surface these paints will be dry within the specified time but will take longer to reach full strength (fully cure). The result is a slightly soft paint film for several days after finishing painting. To give added strength we recommend using a coat or two of clear acrylic varnish.
1 ltr