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5Kg 2 Pack Water Based Antigraffiti Glaze

5Kg 2 Pack Water Based Antigraffiti Glaze

Price: 140.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Two Pack Water Based polyurethane resin system

Ideal for the protection of a wide range of surfaces both inside and out, from heavy staining by graffiti. Coo-Var Anti-Graffiti Paints provide hard impenetrable surfaces which are relatively easily cleaned when contaminated with markers, paints, oil, grease, dirt, spray cans etc.

Available in clear lacquer form, both types of anti-graffiti paints can be used over sound, dry, compatible water thinnable paint systems or as coloured finishes to order.

Data Sheet

Gloss clear finish.

Impact and abrasive resistant clear surface sealer.

35-40 microns per coat

Typical Installations
COO-VAR WB101 ANTI GRAFFITI COATING, can be used where high hygiene prevails.

COO-VAR WB101 ANTIGRAFFITI COATING, adheres well to concrete and brickwork. It can also be applied to sound existing paintwork.

Surface Preparation
It is essential that all surfaces are laitence free, clean, dry and free from any contaminants such as loose particles, dust, grease, oils, fats and water.

COO-VAR WB101 ANTI GRAFFITI COATING, when mixed is an off white paste/emulsion which can be applied using a brush or roller to achieve an even applied coverage.

Application Conditions
Air temperature 5-30 C, Humidity 85% RH maximum, non condensing conditions.

The entire contents of the hardener tin must be added to the resin base and mixed thoroughly, preferably with a low speed drill and mixing paddle for two minutes ensuring the mixing action takes in full depth and perimeter of the container.

COO-VAR WB101 ANTIGRAFFITI COATING Covers 5½ - 7½ square metres per kilo.
COO-VAR WB101 ANTIGRAFITI COATING is supplied in 5 kilo units.