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5Ltr Allweather Roof Coat

5Ltr Allweather Roof Coat

Price: 16.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Allweather Roof Coat is a solvent based, cold applied bituminous compound containing a small amount of organic fibre to add strength and stability. An effective, general purpose roof coating that is resistant to water almost immediately after application, therefore ideally suited for winter use. Allweather Roofing Compound may be used to reseal, waterproof and repair many different types of roof coverings, including:-
Asphalt roofs
Built-up felt roofs
Concrete roof decks
Asbestos-cement sheeting
Metal sheeting including iron, steel, zinc and lead
Slates and tiles

Allweather Roofing Compound may be used in conjunction with a rot-proof hessian reinforcement scrim or a bituminised glass fibre scrim. It may also be used as a vapour barrier. Allweather Roofing Compound is not suitable for use in silage pits.