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Coovar Luminous Paint

Coovar Luminous Paint

Coo-Var Luminous Paint is a translucent pale green coating that will glow in the dark. Ideal for use as a 'back-up' to emergency lighting. Helps identify escape routes in an emergency when power/lights may fail. Requires no power to function.
Coo-Var Luminous Paint stores the light energy and releases it when lights go out. Can be used on doorways, walls, pillars and other hazardous objects. Can also be used for interesting theatrical effects.

Data Sheet

Luminous Paint
The paint that glows when lights fail
Coo-Var Luminous Paint glows in the dark after exposure to light. Used to identify doors, exits, escape routes, fire doors etc. when lights fail at night. Also useful for theatrical effects (main glow for 20 minutes).

Can be used on wood, metal, masonry/GRP and many other surfaces.

A white foundation base is applied followed by the luminous paint which is transparent in normal light. When lights go out or fail the coated area will glow showing up the exit route or door. Available in 500ml and 2.5 litre tin sizes. A white base is essential for the product to function properly. A clear glaze is available to enhance the durability when used on floors to mark escape routes and surfaces exposed to physical and chemical wear.