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5Ltr Fast Drying Etch Primer

5Ltr Fast Drying Etch Primer

Price: 29.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Fast Drying Etch Primer is a single pack, air drying or stoving, adhesion promoting, pretreatment primer for ferrous metal and some well-prepared non-ferrous metal substrates. Etches and passivates iron and steel. This primer has found special application as a shop primer where its excellent adhesion, rapid dry, anticorrosive properties and weld through characteristics make it an ideal holding primer. It may also be used as a one coat finish for interior and exterior surfaces if durability is not a priority.

Data Sheet

Excellent adhesion to most well prepared metallic substrates.
Higher build than conventional Wash Primers
Contains an inert modified Zinc anticorrosive pigment with minimal fume emission on “weld through”.
VOC compliant to PG 6/23
Rapid dry
May be used as a weld through holding primer

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