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Floetrol Water Based Paint Conditioner

Floetrol Water Based Paint Conditioner

Floetrol Water Based Paint Conditioner helps hiding power on low hide colours such as yellow, reds, and in many instances, can save you a coat or two as well.
Makes your paint go up to 25% further which pays for itself.
Great for all special effects, like marbling, rag rolling, sponging and so on.
Eliminates roller marks and brush streaks, especially on all the deep colours like terracotta etc that tend to be messy.
Great for water based gloss.
Keeps "wet edge" open longer to give perfect finish every time, great on "warm" ceilings, drywall.
Makes roller or brush glide with no tedious drag or effort leaving an enviable finish every time!
Saves a lot of rolling time because you don't have to keep going over your work trying to get rid of roller marks etc.
Great for cutting in.

Data Sheet

Use in all water-based paints
Improves the flow and maintains the wet edge
Paint without effort
Improves the finish
Maintains the inherent quality and characteristics of the paint
Suitable for interior and exterior use and great for special effects
Eases application of painting in difficult conditions