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Hammercote Hammered Finish Paint

Hammercote Hammered Finish Paint

Hammercote is an elaborate formulation of resins, pigments and metallic elements which will provide a unique hammered or smooth effect on a surface.This is not only attractive but also covers indentations, pit marks and imperfections, giving a high gloss decorative finish.

Data Sheet

Will resist rusting of the surface caused by air, water and dirt.

Can be applied directly to the metal without the necessity to apply a primer first.

Dries very fast in most conditions.

Is resistant to the effect of temperature up to at least 150°C.

Provides a very hard durable film once 'through dry'.

Is available in 10 standard Hammered colours and six smooth colours.
Metal railings, garden furniture, drain pipes, car chassis, trailers, wheels, radiators, pipes... The list of possible applications goes on.