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5Ltr High Build Vinyl Satin

5Ltr High Build Vinyl Satin

Price: 32.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

High Build Vinyl Satin is a fast drying, self priming, one coat finish, for galvanising, steel, cladding and many plastics; low sheen, durable coating.

Protection of new galvanised steel structures against atmospheric attack thus prolonging their life. Typical
applications include gates, railings, street furniture and general industrial plant.

A specification is available upon request for on site painting of galvanised lighting colomns.
This product is available in a wide colour range.

Data Sheet

A rapid drying, non-convertible coating for application to ferrous and non-ferrous, decorative and structural metalwork where a high level of corrosion resistance is required. It may also be used as a primer/finish for most adequately prepared substrates, exhibiting good adhesion to well-prepared galvanised steel surfaces (see Suitable Substrates and Preparation).

Quick drying by solvent evaporation gives tack free time of 20 minutes.
Ideally suited to airless spray application
Non-sag properties allow good film build to 125 microns d.f.t..
Can be used as a one-coat finish directly to most bare metals. For exterior exposure, a minimum dry film thickness of 75 microns is recommended. For marine and coastal environments 125 microns dry film thickness is recommended.
Can be applied down to 5oC.
Tough, flexible film, resistant to many aqueous chemicals.