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750ml Matting Additive

750ml Matting Additive

Price: 16.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Matting additives can be added to both International finishes and varnishes; and depending on the mix ratio between the product and the additive, a variety of gloss, satin or matt effects can be achieved. International produces two types of matting additive, suitable for use with either the two-part or one-part products in the range.

Data Sheet

A matting solution for mixing with 1 pack International finishes and varnishes to produce a satin or matt effect finish.

A 1:1 mix with Toplac produces a similar gloss level to Goldspar Satin varnish.

May be added up to 25:75 by volume for a flat-matt finish.

For interior and exterior use

Application Details for Matting Additive

Area Above the waterline
Thinner: YTA800
Number of Coats: Variable
Method of application: Brush / Roller / Conventional Spray
Available Shades: View colour chart and sales codes
Pack sizes: 750 ml