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Net-trol one part wood cleaner and colour restorer is the best and easiest way to restore Teak and all other types of (bare) wood to its original, natural colour. Ideal for decks, Net-trol is simple and safe to use and gives stunning results. Net-trol will remove most types of staining, from weathering to slime to water damage, it will even remove most rust stains - but it will not remove varnish, paint or wood stains.

Net-trol is easy to use, safely restoring the beautiful warm colour of faded Teak decks, it can also be used to clean plastic (fenders) GRP topsides where it can remove the waterline stains. Net-trol can be used neat or can be diluted with water, depending on the work to be done and the condition of the surface.

Data Sheet

Undiluted up to 5m2 per litre
Diluted 1:4 with water, up to 25m2 per litre
Coverage is dependant on the condition, texture and porosity of the surface and whether it is smooth or rough sawn
Application Method
Soft Brush or Broom, Stiff bristle/nylon Brush or Broom, Power Washer or Garden Sprayer
When using a power washer or garden sprayer (Most seals are resistant to oxalic acid, especially in the dilute state) to apply Net-trol, it is important that the Net-trol is not over diluted in the mixing process. When using a power washer Net-trol may be applied neat or diluted up to a maximum of 1:4 with clean water and is best applied at a low pressure. When using a garden sprayer Net-trol is best applied in a dilute state, minimum 1:1 up to a maximum of 1:4 with clean water. Ensure this type of equipment is thoroughly rinsed through with fresh water after use.