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5Ltr Road Line Marking Paint

5Ltr Road Line Marking Paint

Price: 47.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Roadline Paint is formulated to withstand aggressive interior or exterior conditions.
The resin system gives outstanding protection against severe chemical attack. Since it is oil free it has good
resistance to fresh and salt water, mould and fungus growth.
Road Line Paint is a line marking paint for tarmac, concrete, wood, brick and paving.
Furthermore, it is ideal for car parks, factories and sports facilities.

Data Sheet

Suitable for interior and exterior use
When correctly applied and thoroughly dry it will resist all weather conditions including frost and ice
Unaffected by engine oil spillage and will not allow tar stains to bleed through
Will take light traffic within one hour of application
Use for car parks (tarmac or concrete), factories, warehouses and for colour marking on bitumen or felt covered pipes