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5Ltr Standard Chlorinated Rubber Paint

5Ltr Standard Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Standard Chlorinated Rubber Paint is a very tough, formulated to withstand aggressive interior and exterior conditions including harsh chemicals, oil, salt water, mould and fungus. Suitable for use on iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, plaster, brickwork and wood.

Non-flammable when dry.
Suitable for use in swimming pools and ponds.
Surface dry within 1 hour, re-coatable after 24 hours.
Anti-slip version for floors available.

1) Before applying chlorinated rubber the surface/substrate must be completely dry and free from any foreign contamination. The substrate must also have a moisture level below 14% before application.

2) Apply at recommended coverage rates and do not apply to thickly.

3) The newly painted pool surface must dry between 7-10 days (dry & sunny with good airflow) before filling the pool.