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500ml International Teak Oil

500ml International Teak Oil

Price: 10.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Bring out the natural beauty of close grained hardwoods with International's Teak Oil. This formulation also contains an anti-rust wax for the protection of metal surfaces adjoining the wood.

Data Sheet

Beautifying, penetrating hardwood oil with deep penetration characteristics containing linseed and tung oils. Teak Oil produces a protective and easy-clean surface and can be used on any interior or exterior hardwood. Even moist wood is penetrated and it also contains an anti-rust wax for metal surfaces.

Hardwood in weathered or dirty condition can be cleaned and nourished with Teak Restorer beforehand if required.

Application Details for Teak Oil

Area Above the waterline
Available Shades: View colour chart and sales codes
Pack sizes: 500 ml / 5 Lt
Suitable for high speed craft? NO