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750ml International VC 17m Graphite

750ml International VC 17m Graphite

Price: 48.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

International VC 17m Extra is high strength hard performance antifouling with a fluoro microadditive that gives your hull a slick low friction surface for maximum speed and efficiency making it the ideal choice for racing yachts, powerboats and active craft.

Data Sheet

Ten times thinner than traditional antifouling, VC 17m avoids the age old problem of 'build up' of antifouling. Because it contains Teflon®, VC 17m antifouling has a super smooth, fast surface without requiring sanding which minimises drag. This new formula is suitable for both cruising and racing boats.

Teflon® is EXCLUSIVELY available in antifoulings from International.

Contains Copper (metal).

Coverage: 8.3sq.m/750ml and 22sq.m/2lt

Application Details for VC 17m

Area Underwater, hull
Finish/Sheen Matt
Converter/Curing YBA634 / YBA635 / YBA674
Thinner: YTA600
Number of Coats: 2-3
Method of application: Conventional Spray / Roller
Available Shades: View colour chart and sales codes
Pack sizes: 750 ml / 2.0 Lt
Suitable for high speed craft? YES