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Supplier of Paint, Varnish, Specialist Coatings, Decorating Tools & Wallpaper for Marine, Trade, Industry, and Home DIY use.

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Marine, Yacht and Boat Paint

Our Marine Paints range offers everything Yacht Owners, Barge & Canal Boats, Boat Builders, Chandlers, Fishermen etc could need to paint, maintain or repair yachts, power or canal boats.

Paint, varnish, antifouling, surface preparation treatments and cleaners, osmosis protection, durable high performance coatings, and superb quality finishes for all conditions above or below the waterline, and on deck - International Yacht Paint and Coo-var Paint.

Industrial Paint Coatings

Our Industrial Paint Coatings section offers paint and primer most suitable for Metal Fabricators, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Containers, Secure/Mobile Cabins, Waste Management Equipment, Structural Steel, Fencing, Street Furniture, Sign Makers, Shopfitters, Racking, Storage Cabinets, Machinery, Motors, Pumps, Heavy Equipment etc.

Rapid drying professional protective paints and primers for ferrous or non ferrous metals (Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Galvanised) - Firwood Paint, Stokes Paint, Sigma Coatings, Permoglaze, Manor, and Ameron Coatings.

Internal Wood Finishes

Our Internal Wood Finishes section offers paint, varnish and primer suitable for Home Owners, Furniture Manufacturers and Restorers, Cabinet Makers, French Polishers, Bar and Shopfitters, Fire Surround Manufacturers, Joinery, Contract Sprayers etc could need for the treatment, and protection of all wood (Hard or Soft).

Furniture, Doors, Skirting Board, Tongue & Groove, Any Woodwork Around The House - Morrells Woodfinishes, Blackfriar Paint, Briwax, Sadolin, Coovar, Carbo, and Sikkens.

External Wood Finishes

Our External Wood Finishes section offers paint, varnish and primer suitable for Home Owners, Wood Finishers, Furniture Makers, Craftsmen, Building Trade, Joiner, Garden Maintenance, Business, DIY, Home Owner, Architect, Specifier, Contractor etc could need for the treatment, and protection of all wood (hard & Soft).

Garden Furniture, Shed & Fence, Decking, Facias, Doors, Windows, Any Woodwork Around The House - Blackfriar Paints, Impra (an ideal replacement for Xyladecor), Sadolin, Sikkens, Coo-var, Keeps, J.W. Bollom, Everbuild, International Paint, Geedon, Cuprinol, and Carbo.

Specialist Paint

Our Specialist Paints section offers products with a difference for more unusual jobs, Anti-Vandal, Anti-Climb Paint, Acrylic Gloss and Eggshell, Fungicidal, Anti Condensation & Anti Mould Paint, Luminous And Fluorescent Paint, High Temperature or Heat Resisting Coatings, Primer for Ceramic Tiles, Melamine, and Plastic, Stain & Damp Block or Primer, and Metalic Paint, Multi- Surface Colour Restorer, Decorative Special Effects, Chlorinated Rubber & Swimming Pool Paint, Zinsser, Anti-Graffiti Glaze & Remover, Glass Shading Paint, Flame & Fire Retardant Intumescent Paint & Varnish, Rust-Oleum Combicolor Smooth Gloss Colours, UPVC Primer, Cleaner and Restorer, Reflect Light Night Reflective Varnish, Promastic 600 CT. - Coovar Paints, Blackfriars Paints, Polyvine, Geedon, Zinsser, and Firwood Paint.

Coatings For Masonry

Our Coatings For Masonry section offers coatings designed for Brick, Plaster, Masonry, Concrete and Tiles including - Pliolite and Smooth Masonry Paint, Brick And Tile Paint, Wall Primers, Stabalisers, & Sealers, Durable Acrylic Matt, Eggshell, and Gloss, Kitchen & Bathroom Paint, High Textured Masonry Paint, Fungicidal, Anti-Condensation & Anti-Mould Paint, Anti-Graffiti Glaze, Graffiti Magic, Stain & Damp Block Primers. - Akzo Nobel, Blackfriar Paint, Coovar Paint, Everbuild, Palace, Glixtone, and Leyland Paints.

Coatings For Metal

Our Coatings For Metal section offers coatings for ferrous or non ferrous metals (Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Brass, Galvanised) Gates, Railings, Verandah, Garage Door including - Enamel And Finish, Primer For Iron And Steel, Primer and Treatment for Aluminium, Copper, Brass, and Galvanised Metal etc, High Temperature Resistant, Rust Treatments, Brass Lacquer, Metalic Paint, Hammerite, Combicolor, Fast Drying Primers, Quick Drying Gloss, Satin or Matt finishes - Blackfriar Paints, International Paint, Firwood Paint, Stokes Paints, Sigma Coatings, Galvafroid, Coo-var, Glixtone, Keeps, J.W. Bollom, Manor Coatings and Ameron Coatings.

Spray Paint Aerosols

Our Spray Paint Aerosols section offers a handy range of products to make tricky painting jobs a lot easier - Rustnot, Tetrosyl, Hycote.

Floor Paint & Road Coatings

Our Floor Paint & Road Coatings Coatings section offers a wide range of products for interior or exterior floors, or roads, Smooth & Anti-Slip Floor Paint, Acrylic Floor Paint, 2 Pack Epoxy Floor Paint, Road Marking Paint, Stencils, Sealers, Varnishes, Tennis Court Paint, and Waxes. - International Paints, Leyland Paints, Blackfriar Paints, Coo-var Paints, Everbuild, and Ameron Coatings.

Paint Additives, Solvents, & Thinners

We also sell Paint Additives, Solvents, & Thinners, including -
Liquid Driers, Genuine Turpentine, Methylated Spirit, Acetone, Xylene, Degreaser, and Brush Mate Fluid - Blackfriar Paints Brush Mate, Morrells, Stokes, Tetrosyl, and Carbo Paint

Roofing & Bitumen Coatings

We also have a wide range of Roofing & Bitumen Coatings - Waterproof metal, roof, and masonry sealers. - Laybond Products - Waterproof Paints for metal, roof, and masonry sealers - Bituminous Paint, Alubit, Aquaprufe

Paint Brushes & Tools

Paint Brushes & Tools - Choose the right Paint Brush for the job - Budget, Good, or High quality. Dust Brushes, Scrapers, and Filling Knife.

Decorators Work Wear, Gloves & Clothing

Decorators Work Wear, Gloves & Clothing - Boiler Suits, Bib & Brace, Jackets, Trousers, Aprons, Painters Pouches, Caps, Disposable Rubber Gloves & Cotton Gloves

Paint Stripper & Abrasives

Paint Stripper & Abrasives - Mangers Paint & Varnish Stripper Remover, 50 Metre Rolls Aluminium Oxide, Wire Wool, Sanding Blocks & Pads

Dust Sheets, Cloths, Wipes, Masks, Sponges etc

Cotton Dust Sheets, Tack Cloths, Dust Wipes, Mutton Cloth, Stockinette, Dust Masks, Decorating Sponge - Cotton Dust Sheets, Tack Cloths, Dust Wipes, Mutton Cloth, Stockinette, Dust Masks, Decorating Sponge

Self Adhesive Tape Masking, Parcel, Anti-Slip etc

Self Adhesive Tape Masking, Parcel, Anti-Slip etc - Cotton Dust Sheets, Tack Cloths, Dust Wipes, Mutton Cloth, Stockinette, Dust Masks, Decorating Sponge

We have designed this site to make it easy for you to buy online. We offer a huge range of products in our online shop. Simply click on the section links above or below, or use the products button, to browse or go shopping.

If however, the product you are looking for is not in our online catalogue, please phone us on - 01745 342 342 or Email us at info@nwepaints.co.uk and we may be able to supply the desired product, or similar.

We also have seasonal special offers, unbeatable bargains, and best buy promotions running on certain products throughout the year, giving you the customer great value for money.

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